WE WELCOME  BOATS , RV's , LARGE TRUCK                                                            OR VANS   !!


$275.00(small car & suv) or $300.00 (large trk & suv)

This package is the top of the line service.This contains full car wash,soft towel dry,vacuum,interior clean,floor mats,carpet wash,leather treatment,windows,trunk area,machine polish,hand wax,wheels,tire shine,engine treatment,rain ex,love bug treatment,head light restore,headliner. Pending on car's condition package will take 2 to 3 hours.Also has a 24 rain warranty on exterior wash only. This package is a overall deal to have your car looking its best. Call to set a appointment.

Sliver Package

$159.99.00(small car or suv) $200.00 (large trk & suv)

This package is our most popular one.This contains full car wash,soft towel dry,vacuum,interior clean,floor mats,leather treatment,windows,trunk area,hand wax,wheels,tire shine,engine treatment,love bug treatment. Pending on car's condition package will take 1 1/2 to 2 hour. Small package less the washing of carpets.

Car Wash Deal

$32.00 - $42.00{at store prices}

Don't need a full detail this time? stop by and get a soft hand car wash.We have two packages at the store or we now offer mobile car washes. Please give us a call for appointments for our mobile washes. We will hand wash car and soft towel dry, vacuum interior & wipe clean dash, also treat the wheels and tire shine, windows for our starter deal.

Sammie's Wash & Wax 

$69.99 Deal (starting)** $79.99 Large SUV & Truck

This package is our super car wash.This contains a wash and wax soap,vacuum,wheels,tire shine,hand wax,windows.This package is great for selling your car or just to make it look great at an affordable price. Some cars may vary depending on the condition. Call for a appointment. Mobile service available by appointment.

Mobile car wash packages

$35.00 & $60.00(Starting) !! NO MOBILE FEES !!

Exterior soft hand wash,soft towel dry,vacuum interior carpets,seats. Clean windows,wheels,tire shine. Upon request we also offer leather treatment and bug protection, also wax, buff, rain-x, wiper replacement,light bulb replacement. Prices may very with service request.

Sammie's Superior Deal

$200.00 Car-$225.00 Suv/Trk

This package includes clay bar treatment which has always been  available but now is included in this package. We have our new wax treatment which will guaranty to perform against water stains ,bugs, uv-rays. Our wax has a polymer paste coating and sealer. Nothing will stick to the exterior and gives you a longer life of 8 months to 1 year pending on how your car is stored. Its save to use on all of your exterior surfaces and glass . State of the art technology to keep water off your car and keeping only the high gloss shine. Only keeping your cars paint looking new. Also pending on your exterior paint conditions this treatment made not be use on fading paint or damaged clear coat. This package is design more for the outside of the car.

Sammie's Ceramic Coatings

Starting @ $599.99-$1599.99

Our ceramic sealer coatings can take 1 to 3 day process & pending the on the cars clear coat condition. We must prep the clear coat & remove any or all road dirt or any over spray that clear may have. All paint correction must be made. Surfaces that have spider scratches or wax billed must be removed. After all that has be done now we start prepping the clear coat. Now we begin the three step buffing & polishing & giving the clear coat a sealer before we can start applying the ceramic coating. Pending on the type of coating product you have chosen we must let the coating cure for 24 hours before its can be delivered. We have a couple of options you can pick from so always let our customer service rep know what you are looking. Prices may vary pending on the coating & the vehicle size. All ceramic coatings come with a 5 year warranty. Which is fading or streaking.